LRA Violence // Year-Over-Year

The LRA perpetrated 139 attacks in the latest year vs. 204 attacks in the year previous.

This is a -31.9% decrease in attacks.

The LRA perpetrated 13 killings and 474 abductions in the latest year vs. 26 killings and 719 in the year previous.

This is a -50.0% decrease in fatalities and a -34.1% decrease in abductions.

Year previous: October 21, 2015 to October 20, 2016
Latest year: October 21, 2016 to today
Latest Attack

October 05, 2017 // An LRA group comprised of men, women, and children looted fields 52 km northeast of Mbangana, CAR.The assailants looted peanuts and temporarily forced 6 civilians to porter the looted goods.

Latest Major Attack

September 24, 2017 // An LRA group attacked the community of Kpabou, CAR. They looted the community of food and non-food items and abducted 23 community members as porters.

Latest Returnee Event

October 09, 2017 // A Central African man abducted by the LRA near Bakouma, CAR, on July 30, 2017, escaped from the group on October 10. He was able to reach Yangou Issi, CAR, after walking for 4 days.

Hardest Hit Communities by # of Attacks
Last 30 Days
Mbangana, Haute-Kotto, CAR: 1
Obo-Mboki Road, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 1
Sam Ouandja, Haute-Kotto, CAR: 1
Last 365 Days
Nambia (near Niangara), Haut Uele, DRC: 9
Banda, Bas Uele, DRC: 8
Gangala (near Doruma), Haut Uele, DRC: 6