LRA Violence // Year-Over-Year

The LRA perpetrated 158 attacks in the latest year vs. 224 attacks in the year previous.

This is a -29.5% decrease in attacks.

The LRA perpetrated 18 killings and 539 abductions in the latest year vs. 13 killings and 734 in the year previous.

This is a 38.5% increase in fatalities and a -26.6% decrease in abductions.

Year previous: February 23, 2015 to February 22, 2016
Latest year: February 23, 2016 to today
Latest Attack

February 06, 2017 // LRA forces attacked the mining camp of Yangou Bayoka, CAR, twice on the same day. They looted sugar, rice, and cassava flour. All the miners fled in the bush.

Latest Major Attack

January 16, 2017 // An LRA group attacked Nango, DRC, where they looted a number of households. They also abducted 18 civilians, including 12 men and 6 women. The assailants looted a number of households.

Latest Returnee Event

February 05, 2017 // 6 of the 9 miners abducted in Dingilo, DRC, by an LRA group were released after spending the night in captivity.

Hardest Hit Communities by # of Attacks
Last 30 Days
Mbangana, Haute-Kotto, CAR: 1
Bahr, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 1
Obo-Mboki Road, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 1
Last 365 Days
Nambia (near Niangara), Haut Uele, DRC: 10
Obo, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 7
Mboki, Haut-Mbomou, CAR: 6